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Preserving the Art of Civil Jury Trials

The Seventh Amendment


Learn about the premise of our #LegacyLaw book, why it’s crucial to preserve the right to civil jury trials, and the dangers of fewer experienced trial lawyers.

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A Strategic Guide Outlining The Anatomy of a Trial

Mastering The Mechanics of

Civil Jury Trials

by Tyler Draa - Doris Cheng - Maureen Harrington - The Honorable Franklin E. Bondonno


Two centuries after the Constitution effectively established the procedures governing trial by jury for American citizens, there are fleeting opportunities to try cases.

The expense of trials by jury has become increasingly prohibitive. Civil litigants who exercise their Seventh Amendment right are constrained by dwindling public resources and the declining availability of trial departments. As a result, very few cases are tried before juries and, consequently, there are fewer experienced trial lawyers. Society pays the price for this, with fewer well-trained advocates able to protect individual or corporate rights . . .

The reality of today is that most lawyers are not trained, let alone comfortable representing their clients in jury trials.

The best pathway to becoming a trial lawyer is to identify experienced trial lawyers who are willing to mentor you. Unfortunately, as civil jury trials become a lost art, mentors able to pass on basic information and strategies to the next generation of trial lawyers are retiring. While this book is not a complete substitute for the guidance of a mentor . . . the following material introduces the basic procedural steps to aspiring trial lawyers . . . helping to preserve the art of the civil jury trial.

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Preserving The Art of The Civil Jury Trial

#LegacyLaw means bridging the mentor gap. It means paying it forward, caring so much about your profession, you wish to see it thrive for generations to come. Join our cause to spread tried and true wisdom to veteran and aspiring litigators, for the benefit of all Americans. Click an icon to read further.

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